Sir Gideon

Zoroastrian Paladin


Born the bastard son of a common woman and a Hyorlan baron, Gideon was raised as the Baron’s favored son until his father married a noblewoman from the Tamworth Isles. Fearing a threat to her children’s birthright, the Baron’s new wife insisted that Gideon leave the Baron’s court.

GIdeon was sent to live in fosterage at the court of King Luc, a Valois lord with a kingdom on the Continent. Instructed in the ways of chivalry by King Luc’s knights, Gideon learned how to ride, how to fight, and how to live honorably.

When Gideon was still a youth, a pestilence swept through King Luc’s domain. People from all corners of the kingdom flocked to a local Zoroastrian abbey where the priests gave comfort to the sick and hope to the survivors. The abbess and her priests were so skilled at nursing the dying back to health that many called it a miracle. Gideon saw their work firsthand and committed himself to the service of Ahura Mazda.

Gideon’s calling took him to the island of Tarvelostra, where King Thomas the Apostate had waged an unholy war on the kingdom of Ostara. GIdeon was one of many crusaders who sailed from Pont du Mer to give aid to Ostara.

Gideon fought valiantly in the Apostate’s War, and was knighted by the King of Ostara. After the final battle of the war, the King ordered that all those who had fought alongside Thomas the Apostate would be put to death. Sir Gideon spoke up and begged the King to spare Etienne, who was nearly a child. The King acquiesced on the condition that Etienne was forever exiled from the island of Tarvelostra. Sir Gideon took Etienne as his squire, and the pair ventured forth to Albion.

Sir Gideon

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